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At Luxe Yorkies you will find...


that we are building a breeding program based on what we consider to be the three most important elements that create a dog of distinction; lovely temperaments, excellent health, and amazing conformation.


Luxe Yorkies was born out of a love of this endearing, smart and playful little ball of fluff that two friends just couldn't get enough of. We decided that we needed to join forces and make one of our favorite things to do...spending time with our Yorkies, into a full time fun fest.


Though we are breeders of Yorkshire Terriers we are small, in home hobby breeders. We keep all of our dogs inside with us. All of our Yorkies, young or old, live as part of the family. They go on outings with us, have play dates, curl up on our laps for movie nights and generally make themselves comfy where ever they like. We will only own as many Yorkies as can reasonably be in our homes, kept clean, healthy, active and happy. At this point we are still having a good time with them.  When it turns into a chore, that's when you know you have too many dogs. So far, it's just loads of fun!




More pictures of Luxe's Yorkies

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of or pertaining to luxury, sumptuous, elegant

Luxe Yorkies.

A Yorkshire Terrier from Luxe is not just another "Yorkie," it is a work of art.

Tessa's baby girl

Luxe Yorkshire Terriers..

Luxe Yorkshire Terriers..

Luxe Yorkies

"Lara" finished her Championship!!