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The Ladies:

Our darling girls who will steal your hearts.

Trinity has the most adorable little face, bright and beautiful eyes, and is just a sweetheart!

Ava is also from Empyrean and brings some lovely dark color to our breeding program.

Fia is a beautiful blue and tan female with a gorgeous silk coat.

Click the photo of each dog to go to their personal pages.

Empyrean's Mocking

"Stella" Bella

Another beauty from Empyrean! Stella is our outgoing, fiesty little girl. Silky coat

We just had to import Marta for our breeding program! As you can see, she is gorgeous.

Empyreans lavishing Gabriela "Gabi"


She is so sweet and affectionate, a real joy!

Belissimo Sharm De Lux


Keepsake Nove Kasio


Rus Aizlen Harisma



Diana for Vivat Zhubrit


This stunning show girl comes to us from the Czech Republic. Once again, we have hit the jackpot with her silky coat!

Little, spunky Brook is quickly becoming a favortie around here!

Bunny comes to us from Russia and she has that adorable face we all love!

Yaks-Vonavi Trinity


Empyrean's QueenAvery



Iren Victorius La Vida Loca



Luxe's Lil' Piece of Heaven


Niveah is just beautiful, stunning, gorgeous...we need more adjectives for this gal!

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Luxury Magic Chocolina


Lina is a sweet, affectionate girl from Belarus. We're glad she made the trip here because it was worth it!!

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