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Satisfied Customers

We like to keep in touch with all of our clients and especially love to see updated photos and hear fun stories about how your "bitties" are getting along. Thank you!

My experience with Megan Fowler as a breeder was exceptional!  She was quick to respond to my messages of interest and sent me pictures of the puppy I was interested in right away.  I had been to other breeders before and she was by far the best.  


Her home and kennel was neat and clean and dogs/puppies well cared for.  She was helpful, but not pushy or overbearing.  She provided me with complete records and helpful information as I took my puppy home.  I would highly recommend her to others interested in her puppies in the future.  Thanks, puppy is a dear and I have enjoyed every moment with her since the day she came home.  


Cheryl &

My husband and I got Porsha from Megan about a year and half ago. Megan is sweet and a very honest breeder. We have not had any health problems with porsha at all she is very healthy dog. I plan on getting another puppy from Megan soon. We loved working with Megan.




Hi Stacy, we just wanted to say Thank You for our Beautiful little girl Gabby Joy (Hope). Picking her up at the airport, curb side from your Awesome Courier Dianna was the start of putting Joy back into our life. She is a tiny sweet girl with big personality!!!! Loves everyone she meets & Greets them with such excitement & kisses! I was a little concerned about adopting a 1 year old, but No Regrets!!!! She is a major cuddler who made herself right at home immediately & began to make friends with her new kitty sisters!! Gabby Joy listens so well & very smart. She has a wonderfully calm & confident temperament who is just so Happy & playful, a testament of the home she came from!! It was obvious you provided a loving home for your babies which was the top priority for us, wanted a great breeder, not a puppy mill!!! The best Anniversary gift, just Perfect!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO IN LOVE WITH HER!!!  I Would recommend you to anyone wanting to adopt! Thank You again for our Precious Gabby Joy!! I will send pictures that just don't do her justice.



Mel & Carol

March 23, 2013

Hi Megan,

Henry is almost a year old and is an absolute delight. He has the most delightful temperament – inquisitive, playful and good natured. He even has a sense of humor!

Henry has settled in to his new home, in fact I was surprised that there wasn’t any uncertainty or hesitancy with the other animals. It was as though he’d always lived here. Equally so, he was well received. I think because he’s gentle, happy little dog that is full of energy. He enjoys walks outside, snuggling and when he’s feeling a little mischievous, running off with big brother Stanley’s ball (he runs up on the couch, holds the ball and wags his tail faster than you’d think is possible!). He loves on the cat, much to the cat’s surprise.

I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness in selecting the breeding pair, not just on looks but temperament as well – It makes a difference. Your diligence with puppy care that ensured Henry came to my home healthy, parasite free and already started on housebreaking, was a huge help to me and Henry progressed very well with housebreaking. If that wasn’t enough, the thoughtfulness of creating the binder, picture, immunization records, blanket, toys and goodies all made for a smooth transition.

Henry has a plastic pen – I saw the one that you used and thought it was a great idea to provide him with separate space where he could rest, eat or play on his own if needed. Would you believe, he opens the gate to go in and he’s smart enough to know if he has a food or treat that might tempt one of his housemates, he better shut the gate when he leaves!

This letter is a bit long but I wanted you to know how much your choices mattered in producing such a wonderful animal. I spent months researching small breed dogs and then looking at local breeders. I kept looking at ads and nothing clicked until I saw your ad. The puppies were beautiful. The size, confirmation and particularly the lovely head and face caught my attention.



Catherine &


Gabby Joy



IvyxRed girl ZOE pup litter1

Stacy, Zoe is so precious, everyone who sees her says how cute she is, even men:) If I could, I would buy more Yorkies from you. I recommended you to two or three people in Washington. You are such a good breeder and all your Yorkies are just perfect.


Take care,