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The Gents:

Oh my goodness, Mokie is to die for! Pictures do not do him justice, he is so very adorable. We cannot wait to see his progeny.

Our perfect little gentelmen will leave you breathless!

Click on the photo of each dog to go to their personal pages.

Royal Boutique Super Puper


Luxe's Sensational Keoni

Keoni is home grown, our very own Luxe Yorkie. One look at his tiny little features and you will fall in love intantly!

We are so happy about our boy "Kimber" who is not only an international Champion, but a US Champion as well.

Empyrean's Black Jack

"Jack "

A special thank you the Empyrean's Yorkshire Terriers for letting us have this little stud on loan. He is such a sweet boy.


Pasodoble Sharm De Lux


046 IMG_1821 IMG_2957

"I can't stand his face, it's just so cute," is what I said, it really is. Petite perfection is what Khai is all about!

Luxes Royal Khai


Monteserrat of Dare to Dream



This beautiful boy comes to us from Hungary and as you can see, his coat color is stunning!