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What is a Tea Cup Yorkie?

The size of a Yorkshire Terrier as per AKC breed standard is 4 to 7 pounds. Reputable breeders aim to breed Yorkies that are within these weight perameters. There are no tea cup Yorkies, tea cup is just a term coined by breeders to call attention to puppies that may end up being smaller than the breed standard.


If a breeder intentionally breeds attempting to have Yorkshire Terriers that are outside of the breed standard for size you would do well to regard their breeding program as substandard. If a breeder is willing to compromise on this point they most certainly will compromise on others which will mean that your new puppy comes with the potential for having a myriad of health problems.


Occasionally we will end up with a puppy that looks like it will weigh less or more than the breed standard when it is an adult, however, this is not because we intentionally breed for such dogs.